October 23, 2012

Edmonton Expo 2012

Starwars, Stormtrooper, Shelby Bolton, Darth Varder, Braydon Switzer
Braydon & I posing with a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader & R2D2.

This past Saturday Braydon & I made our way to the first ever Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo. As it was our second comic expo we had an idea what to expect from the day; long lines, impatient fans & tons of cool stuff that was worth the wait. The Expo was held in the Edmonton Expo Centre (so original right?) so we knew right of the bat that it wasn't going to be nearly as cramped as the Calgary Expo had been. As it was the first year there wasn't many celebrity appearances, but the booths! Man the booth were awesome. If I had an unlimited bank account I could have easily walked away with well over $1000 worth of geekiness. After stopping myself from buying various things such as Draco Malfoys' wand, a TARDIS mug, & a hysteria Alice figure I decided to buy two gorgeous prints from Camilla d'Errico which I was able to get signed &  Braydon bought a Minecraft iron sword after being tempted by Mass Effect figures & endlessly searching for old Deadpool comics. After checking out all the booths & getting plenty of business cards, we stumbled up to the Shade of Grey booth where Braydon was able to get his wrist tattoo re-done by Casper. Afterwards we parted ways from the expo feel satisfied with the day & buzzing with excitement for our next expo.

Hulk, Red Drawf, Ghost Rider
A very enthusiastic Hulk, Ghost Rider & Red Dwarf patches.

Honestly is was an amazing day, I don't have a complaint about anything. I was not expecting the turn out that came at all. I figured a few thousand people would show up, not the 14,000 that did over the coarse of the weekend. I think what really made the event was everyone that dressed up. Edmonton has a huge cosplay community & they came out in full force. It made me wish I had worn my Alice outfit to join in on the fun. The Expo Centre has 8 halls & the Expo only occupied one hall meaning in years to come there will be plenty of room to grow, & I hope it does. It has been confirmed that the Expo will be taking place on September 28-29 2013, & will be occupying two halls. I've also heard rumours that the organizers are trying to book the Walking dead cast to come.

Cosplay, Joker
The coolest joker ever. He told us that his main goal for the day was to photobomb everyone.

For our next Expo/Comic-con Braydon & I want to dress up & join in on the cosplaying fun. Myself as Zelda & he is building a Deadpool outfit which is almost complete. I also want to get Stan Lees autograph, partake in the panels, be a volunteer & learn to take more pictures... 

Have you been to a Comic expo?

With love & supervillians;

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