June 26, 2013

Currently 015

Playing LEGO Lord of The Rings. I finally got around to buying this game after pining for it for the last 6-ish months. I bought for 3DS since I felt guilty for barely using my 3DS over the last little bit & figured a new game would change that. I'm hoping to get Animal Crossing New Leaf here soon too.

Loving the Tumblr app. Thanks to this app I've basically quit using the actual website. Now if only I could blacklist certain tags like I can in Tumblr Saviour for Chrome.

Thinking about August & September. I've been a wee bit quiet about my plans for August incase they don't happen. (Source for the Disney picture is unknown.)

Looking forward to July 8th. Why July 8th you ask. Well thats because it Braydons & my four year anniversary. We have plans to make a picnic & go to Edmonton Valley Zoo & gwak as the animals.

With Love;
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