September 13, 2013

My current to-do list

Hey guys. Between school, homework, my job & the demands that come with having a social life I've been finding it difficult to making time to blog. So that mean my blog is going to continue on the exact same path of inconsistency that I've been on all summer. Sorry, not sorry about that. I had a bunch of things I wanted to mention but I'm procrastinating like nobodys' business. & since I have to work soon & this post is pretty lame heres my current to-do list;
  1. Sort out <3 links. A bookmark folder where I store links for weekly love posts
  2. Stay off tumblr. Done
  3. Finish editing pictures from Orlando. Cropping & Resizing mostly. Mostly done
  4. Charge Camera Done
  5. Figure out why my enter key is sticking. Done
  6. Return brake pads.
  7. Go for a walk with Braydon on Sunday. No comment...
  8. Figure out plans for Monday Done
  9. Stay off tumblr. Done
  10. Work on my homework. Done
  11. Re-do my math quiz Done
  12. Seriously; Stay off tumblr. Done
Heres to math exams & free tea, c'ya around. 
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