September 4, 2013

iPhoneography 04

I have a really bad habit of taking pictures on my iPhone & never looking at them again. Because of this every time I do end up looking at these photos its like looking in to a time capsule. The moments captured as a jpeg file, which at the time seemed so important to get a photo of, now just feels silly. Here is a quickly look back at some of my Summer away from blogging. 
For me Summer doesn't start until my first visit to Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farms in Bon Accord. Prairie Gardens is one of the best greenhouses I've been to. The selection of plants are better then any parking lot or greenhouse, but they are slightly more expensive. But I'm more then willing to pay a few extra dollars for a healthy plant that is not riddled with aphid or under watered. On this particular trip I picked up some basic herbs, a Chocolate Mint & Over $75 worth of Pansys, the later two pictured above. 
Pictured both above & below are just a portion of my ever growing comic & book collection. How pretty is that The Hounds of the Baskervilles cover? It was book number seven in my Sherlock Holmes collection & my third copy of The Hounds of the Baskervilles. I'm a sucker for pretty covers. 
Back in mid July Braydon & I did one of my favourite walks in Edmonton. We walked from Government House park to Alexander Circle in Glenora, down 102 ave & then cutting threw the Royal Alberta Museum grounds to where a secret path with this staircase back down to Government House Park is located. 
The horrors! My 50mm f/1.8 Canon lens broke around the beginning on August. Luckily I could afford to buy a replacement lens & ended up upgrading to the 50mm f/1.4 lens & holly shit. I never want to use any other lens ever again. I don't think I can string together a proper sentence to explain how much I love the new lens. It was definitely worth every Nickel. I'd say Penny there, but you know, being Canadian we don't have those pesky things anymore. 
Admiring & being very tempted to eat my Mums planter full of Pansys. I'm pretty sure I did pick a few to throw in my salad later that day. Don't cha  know? Edible plants are my favourite things ever to grow. 
Speaking of Edible plants. At some point this summer I cleaning up some Lemon Mint to make tea with & it was the best mint tea I've ever had. It gave me so many ideas. Next summer I'm planning on growing a huge assortment of herbs to make tea out of. & as soon as the roses in the garden finish ripening I'm planning on harvesting the rose hips to make tea with too. Spicy tea made with Cinnamon Basil? Rosemary & Lemon tea? The combinations are endless. I can't wait. 
No summer is completely without a Squishy. A Squishy is a slurpee with soft serve ice cream. I'm sure there a proper name for this concoction that's now available at more than just my hometown. But to me it will always be known as a Squishy after that one episode of The Simpsons.  
When in Wonderland always make sure to bond over Doctor Who with Alice & pretend to be Weeping Angels. 
You'll hear me say it, well type it a lot over the next few weeks, but damn Cinderellas' Castle at the Magic Kingdom is unbelievable. Looking at my pictures & videos of it don't do the castle justice. The Magic Kingdom & Walt Disney World in general is utterly overwhelming & completely worth every moment. Its been a week & I still can't stop thinking about the place. 

Stay Classy; 
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