September 27, 2013

What I wore : A Pop of Berry.

Slouchy toque - Ardens 
T-shirt - Smart Set 
Jeggings - Simons
Double Tall Latte - Starbucks
Bracelets - Thick leather band h&m & triple wrapped leather Pandora 
Bag - Volcom 
Shoes - not pictured American Eagle Moccasins 

I told you I'd probably do another outfit post. Thats because I already had the pictures for this one. These picture were snapped on September 21st. I convinced Braydon to pose for a few snaps & in turn he took these pictures of me. I think my favourite part of these pictures is that coffee cup in my hand. Cups of delicious hot beverages are always in my hands. I have an addiction, it not uncommon for me to go to Starbucks several times a day. Late last night I go motivated & dyed my hair purple. I did take a few pictures to share, but I'm going to hold off on posting them till sometime next week.

Anyways, Edmonton Expo is this weekend & I'll being spending both Saturday & Sunday bumping elbows with fellow nerd & freaking out over ridiculous things. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend & I'll see you on Monday. 

With love & caffeine;

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