June 3, 2014

DreamWorks: Dragons

Don't tell me you didn't see this topic coming. With the second movie dawning closer ever day I am getting more and more excited for the movie. But since the movie is still a bit over a week away I'm going to be talking about the TV series DreamWorks: Dragons.
Dragons is a spin off of the first movie and directly follows the plot of the first movie. The first season, Riders of Berk goes into more detail about Hiccups' life in Berk, his relationship with Toothless, and how Berk adapts to coexisting with dragons. As well as balancing Vikings and Dragons, Hiccup is in charge of the new Dragon Academy.

The second half of the season introduces the Outcast tribe, and their leader Alvin the Treacherous. Alvin seeks to capture Hiccup whom he knows as the "Dragon Conquerer", in hopes of bringing him back to Outcast Island. Alvin hopes to learn how to train and control dragons of his own. We are also introduced to Dagur the Deranged, leader of the Berserker tribe. Dagur is seeks to bring the Berserkers back to their former, bloodthirsty glory.

The second season, Defenders of Berk concentrates on the Dragon Academy, and defending Berk against the Outcast tribe. A few episodes in we're reintroduced to Dagur the Deranged. With Hiccup being well, Hiccup, they quickly become enemies making for a pretty interesting season to come.

I don't want to give too much away in case you do decide to watch the series, so I'm going mention the new dragons. The series introduces a lot of new dragons and features the majority of the dragons mentioned in the Book of Dragons.
Last week, it was announced that a third Season of Dragons will air in Spring of 2015 only on Netflix. And since I'm obligated to mention it, both season three of Sherlock and season seven of Doctor Who is now of Netflix. Go watch both!

With love and procrastination;

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