June 13, 2014

I just 'ran' 2 Kilometers, and now I feel like death.

In a moment of weakness late yesterday I agreed to do a 5k run with my sister and niece on Canada Day. So I guess that means I actually have to run. Now I am by no means fit, I had a giant bag of movie popcorn and candy for dinner last night. I am the last person who should be signing up for a run. But its exactly that reason why I did. I used to be healthy. I used to follow a strict vegetarian diet, with no sugar, dairy or glutton. But now a days, I'm never far from my next latte, with a candy bar in my purse. Something needed to change.

So today I forced myself to buy a pair of running shoes, these shoes to be exact. I almost talked myself out of buying them, and was ready to text my sister and tell her I couldn't get the time off work to do the run. But then I remembered the tarot card I pulled this morning, a reversed eight of cups. It was all I need to decide to jump out of my comfort zone and buy them. I am by no means am an expert when it comes to shoes, or running for that matter, so I can't say whether these shoes are good or not. But they feel good so far.

Now about the actual running itself. I had planned a short two kilometre run, with running for two minutes at a time with walk breaks for one minute. Thinking that would be easy. How wrong was I. I managed to run for just under one kilometre before my head started to feel like it was going to explode and I got a sharp pain in my side. For the last kilometre I hobbled slowly back to my car, angry with myself that I couldn't even finish what I thought was an easy run.

As I drove home I started planning out what I can do differently for my next run.  I think I pushed myself too hard. I stretched before I ran, but as I said I'm no expert, so I'm not sure if the stretches I did helped anything. They were what I could remember doing before running in gym class during high school seven years ago. I also think running for two minutes then walking for a minute was too much. So next time I'll do something different. The fact that I'm thinking about my next run instead of giving up is a good sign, right? I think it is. I really have no idea what I'm doing. I'm hoping that some of what I've read from Kris's blog will help me figure this out.

With love;

P.S - I think this is the first post to not contain a single picture in it.
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