June 20, 2014

What I Wore - Roses, Guns, and Skulls

I don't remember when these photos were taken. Judging by my hair it had to be about two weeks ago. For the last week my hair has been curled and braided into a knotted "viking" mess. I tend to let my hair do it own thing these days. I think I've mentioned my drafts folder before, but if not, my draft folder has about 15 unfinished posts in it at any given time. It has pictures from Hogsmead, and two Calgary Expos ago. It has thoughts on Tarot Card and personal essays. My draft folder is kind of like a lost scrapbook of forgotten adventures. I do plan on posting every single thing in that folder, but I always have trouble revisiting lost ideas. 
My favourite part of these pictures is that Liam is in them too. Liam is always around in the majority of my pictures. He tend to stay behind my camera stand and bark at me. Usually because I'm listening to something ridiculous and dancing while taking pictures.
Evenstar necklace
Knitted sweater - Target (no longer available) 
Roses, guns, and skull print dress - H&M (no longer available)
Tights - Walmart
Thigh high socks - Ardenes
Boots - Brash
Leather wrap bracelet  - Pandora /Gift

With love;
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