June 4, 2014

What I Wore: Shiny Shiny Nylon

I took these picture Monday night after work. I picked up the mail in my way and saw the shiny black envelop Black Milk usually comes in and raced home to put on my new shirt. This technically is a workout shirt, but I bet I most likely will never work out while wearing it. The perfectionist in me has to point out how terribly composed these photos are. I'm not sure what exactly I was looking right of the camera in either of the frontal pictures. But whatever it was, it must of been interesting since I seemed to be looking at it in all picture I took. Also my camera remote is visible in one of the picture. And my phone and lens cap is visible in my back pockets in another picture and that irks me. 
Ribs Knock Out Top - Black Milk Clothing
Skinny Jeans - H&M (no longer available)
Black Leather Bracelet - Pandora / Gift

Now about the building behind me in these pictures. As I mentioned before, I live on a old tree farm. There are a ton of old equipment and buildings on our property, most of which will most likely end up on this blog at some point. This particular building is in my front yard and used to be a office and a chicken coop. Not at the same time obviously. Now, it sits decomposing and the posts from the old chicken coop have have been used to make a dog run for when my sister visited with her two Dogs. There are plans to tear the building down at some point, but for now it's playing home to stray wild cats & birds. 

With Love;
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