July 13, 2014

// Five things

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1. Cuddling with Cocoa. A year ago this wouldn't have been possible. Cocoa has an awesome personality, but she's never liked to be touched. Early last summer she got into a catfight and the injuries she sustained from it got infected. $700 later and the cone of shame she now allows us to pet her.

2. Anticipation for Banff. I leave to banff on Thursday and am coming home Sunday night. I'm preparing for it the only way I know how. By reading books. I bought a guide book to Banff, Jasper, and Glaciers by Lonely Planet, and How to be a World Explorer also from Lonely Planet.

3. My Minolta. In the summer I usually ditch my Canon for one of my many film cameras and when I want something with a bit more control I use my Minolta.

4. Falling asleep to Despicable Me/.I barely make it past the part where Gru steals the shrink ray most nights.

5. The Hemingway App. All the text on this blog goes through the hemingway app before I post it. As I've mentioned before writing is not my strong point, and the app allows me to make sure my writing is bold and clear for you to understand.

With Love

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