July 31, 2014

// What I Wore : Hair Bows and Lace

First things first: I realize I haven't blogged in a while. Things have been hectic and stressful in my day to day life. Last time I checked in I was prepping for the life changing news and for my trip to Banff. I'm not at liberty to talk about what the life changing news was about, so skipping on to Banff. Banff was awesome. I have a post lined up all about Banff that may or may not get posted at some point. Given my love of procrastination it'll probably sit in my drafts folder several months.
Now about the outfit. I wear these jeans on a near daily basis. They are my work jeans, and I've photographed them many times for the blog. But I love them. They're a staple in my wardrobe and they are not going anywhere fast. I'll continue to wear them until they're thread. The boots are always mentioned, but I'm don't think I've ever posted a picture with them in it. These boots are more or less just knock off Steve Madden boots. Mine are currently being held together with glue, duct tape and elastic bands. I think they're full of character and probably won't throw them away anytime soon either. The shirt is new, along with the scarf. I bought both as impulse purchases while I was in Banff and haven't regretted them yet.
Hairbow - Ardene
Scarf - Ardene
Shirt - Ardene
Jeans - H&M
Brash Boots - Payless Shoes

Do you have any clothing you just can't part with no matter how much it falls apart?

With love;
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