August 18, 2014

// Everyday Adventures : Banff National Park part 1 of 2

Hello! Here is the much promised Banff post. I figured I'd start the post off on the right foot by having a picture of myself mid-puking. I sure am a classy chick eh? I found out I never grew out of getting car sick if I'm travelling for too long. It was a very unpleasant surprise to say the least.

Anyways on with the trip! We left the Edmonton area at 3:30pm Thursday afternoon and pulled into Banff at about 7pm. After a lugging all our stuff into our hotel room we took off the downtown Banff to do a bit of exploring and shopping, and to get me from Gravol. I was still too nauseous from the drive to be able to go into any of the store, but I did get my fortune from Zoltan. I thought I had a lot of pictures for this night, but I forgot to put film in my camera, so no real pictures from this night.
On Friday we started our day by going to Bow Falls. Because of how early we were there we had the whole place to ourselves to climb up rock faces. After killing about 45 minutes we headed over to the "Holiday on Horseback" stables to go horseback riding. I still didn't notice my lack of film at this point so, I don't have any pictures of the waterfall. Whoops.
Horseback riding was a blast. We had booked a two hour ride, but it only felt like half an hour. The horse I was on was fantastic and was super easy to ride. The ride itself was threw Cave and Basin along the bow river.
I have to laugh at this picture my mum took of my sister, Kelli and I comparing our pictures. Nether one of us are ever far from our cameras. Siblings for you. After a quick stop back at the hotel to clean up, we stopped back in town for a quick bite to eat then was off to Johnston Canyon for a hike up to the Inkpots. We ended up taking six hours to hike the 11.6km from the parking lot to the Inkpots and back. But it was well worth it. All the way through the canyon my sister, Kelli and I were stopping every few minutes to take pictures which slowed us down considerably. It was here where I finally discovered my lack of film. Better late then never eh? At one point we went off the designated path between the lower and upper falls and found our own private waterfall.
Image Des
After our hike we went back into town to get supper, do a bit more exploring. Before heading back to the hotel to drink wine and watch Neighbours.

Dreaming of my next adventure;


  1. Oooo, this looked like fun! Sucks about the car sickness, haha, but glad you still got to enjoy the trip! Can't wait for more :)

    1. It was so much fun. To be honest I found my car sickness hilarious after the initial "oh fuck".


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