August 16, 2014

// Hey You Guys!

Please tell me you read that title in Sloths' voice. I am home for the time being, meaning I can finally sit down and sort threw my life. Also meaning I'll potentially stop avoiding my life. And by avoiding my life I mean dividing my free time between my pool and watching every Marvel cartoon Netflix has to offer.

Since we last talked I spent this past weekend in Squamish British Columbia for the Squamish Valley Music Festival. A three and a half day festival with tons of free stuff, cool bands and amazing views. I briefly mentioned last time that this trip was very ill prepared for. So ill prepared that we didn't even have a place to sleep until a week before we left! But in the end everything worked out, and I had a brilliant time.

I have a whole bunch of half written, just begging to be shared. I feel bad that I'm always promising posts, but never deliver on them. So tonight I'm going to work myself to the bones to finish them. I shot at least three outfits, have Banff pictures, Squamish pictures and a product review that I want to share in the end week or so. So that what you potentially have to look forward to reading about.

Goonies never say die;
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