September 2, 2014

// August in Review 2014

August started out with the bang, fell into a weird boring funk and then picked up again towards the end again. Between stressful, but highly rewarding trips. Buying new things and spending every moment I could with Braydon. This has been an interesting month for sure.

Everything that happened in the last month:
I started the month with watching Guardians of the Galaxy with Braydon. This was one of the best movies I've seen since How To Train Your Dragon 2 and I highly recommend everyone to go watch it. Next I went to a four day music festival in Squamish British Columbia to see Eminem, Atmosphere, Artic Monkeys, Sam Roberts Band, Tokyo Police Club, Zerbin and a huge list of other artists. I came home just in time for Braydon to leave to work. So I spent the next 10 days working, watching Netflix, baking Carrot Cake with my best friend, and seeing Guardians of the Galaxy two more times. I also saw my sister, and her kids and went Devon for a short hike in along the North Saskatchewan River. My sister also came over on the 23rd to celebrate my Mums' birthday. One the same day I managed to drop my iPhone destroying the screen completely. Which meant I got to upgrade to a new iphone 5s. And finally Braydon and I went on walk along the river valley.
- Guardians of the Galaxy x3
- Doctor Who
- Marvel's Avengers Assemble
- The Avengers : Earth's Mightiest Heros

Listened too:
- Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack
- Ed Sheeran.

- The Invincible Iron Man volume 1-6
September Anticipation:
- Fixing my car!
- Banff with Braydon on the 14-16
- Baking Pumpkin treats with my best friend

With Love;
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