September 2, 2014

// Everyday Adventures : Banff National Park part 2 of 2

First things first, this is an extremely image heavy post. Secondly,this is the second part of 2. Check out part 1 of my Banff adventures here. And lastly, I disappeared again, sorry not sorry about that. Without further ado, the post.
For Saturday we didn't have a set plan, just a bunch of things we wanted to do. We were going to start the day by Hiking to the Hoodoos, but got our directions mixed up and ended up wandering around the Fairmount Hotel grounds instead.
After we left the grounds we went to Sulphur Mountain. I wanted to climb the mountain and take the Gondola back down, but everyone was too tired and sore from the previous day to do it, so gondola up the mountain it was. At the top of the summit is a huge deck the spans from one peak to the next. The second peak, Sanson peak, has a meteorological observatory building at the top of it.
On the way back down the mountain, my neice, Megan quickly googled directions to drive to the Hoodoos instead of hiking to them, so off to the Hoodoos we went. By the time we go to them it was raining so all the other tourists disappeared. Being the rebels we are, we jumped the fence and climbed down to the hoodoos to take pictures.
Due to the rain we ended up looking like drowned rats, so we headed back to the hotel to clean up before heading back into town to explore the Cascade Gardens and get dinner.
On Sunday we decided to come back to Edmonton via Hwy 1 and Hwy 93. The drive from Banff to Jasper ended taking us over six hours to drive due to Kelli and I wanting to stop to take pictures and explore.
Our first stop was Lake Louise, and it was cold. We walked a little around the lake front, spending about 30 minutes in total here.
Thankfully Hwy 93 was open for us to go thru Saskatchewan Crossing. Earlier in the week that we had went there was a forest fire started by lightning and the highway had been closed. As we drove past we could still see the mountain side smoking and lucky for us a black bear, and two cubs crossing the road.
We also stopped at the Columbia Icefields to check out the new Glacier Skywalk. Okay, so unpopular opinion here, the skywalk is a bit of a money grab. For being a 'glacier' skywalk it was no where near the actual glaciers, which was a bit of a disappointment. It was cool to walk out on the glass bridge to look straight down, but the area its located in is kind of well lame.
Shortly pass the Columbia Icefeilds we stopped at Tangle Falls. While here Kelli and I hiked it up the falls to get pictures. While my mum and Megan went the opposite direction and found their own private waterfall to take pictures of.
We briefly stopped in Jasper to have a late lunch and get a few pictures before setting off towards home.
Still dreaming of mountains;
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