September 5, 2014

// Whats in my bag #2

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I got a new purse, meaning it's time for another Whats In My Bag post. Okay, so this is my third purse since my last post but whatever. The purse is tiny. I'm not sure how I've managed to fit everything in it. And it's so blindingly pink, every single friend who's seen me with it comments on how it doesn't match me at all. But fuck matching, I'll wear it with pride with my Carnage vs. Venom t-shirt and converse.
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My purse contents are completely random. Between the candy, comic books, and the 3DS my purse looks more like a twelve years old boys knapsack then a 23 years old womens' purse. The comic book are for my breaks at work, I horde on candy, and well who wouldn't want a 3DS at arms length? When I say I horde on candy what I really mean is I impulse buy candy and then never eat it. The Sabbath Almanac is for research purposes and might seem out of place compared to everything else in my bag. But I am obsessed with Anglo-Saxon history and spend good portion of my time reading about it for fun. Yes, I read history and religion books for fun. Deal with it.
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Kate Spade purse - gift from my sister from Vegas
Sunglasses - Freebie at Squamish
Dalak - Broken keychain, Christmas present from Braydon
Selection of Giftcards
Lipbalms - Maybelline Babylips and Vitamin Water Lemonade freebie also from Squamish
Poprocks and Kerropi mints from a Jasper candy store
Coffin Crisp from grocery store, promptly eaten after taking these pictures
Sour Patch Kids gum
3DS birthday present from Braydon three years ago
Apple headphones
Assortment of Change
2015 Sabbath Almanac because research
Assortment of Comic books. (The Adventure Time one is signed by one Zachary Sterling.)

With love;


  1. Love your bag! I'm surprised that it all fit in there, haha. Also, are you taking these pictures at Starbucks? :P

    1. I sure as heck was. I'm not even surprised that you could tell.

    2. Hahah, I love the giant table they always have there. The reflection in the sunglasses gave it away ;)

    3. The gaint table is the best. We got a new better one last week.


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