October 13, 2014

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Like always I was reading Nicoles' post and thought I'd share my answer to the questionnaire she did too.

Favourite Post to Write? I love posting photo sets and my five things series. I enjoy showing off my photography so that's why I enjoy the photo sets.

Most Frustrating Photo Shoot? Any of my daily outfit pictures. Because most of my pictures are straight from camera, the only editing I do is re sizing and the occasional colour balance. I tend to concentrate more on getting the right settings so I can snap 30-40 pictures to choose from for a post.

Post I'm Most Proud Of?I'm pretty proud that I managed to actually write about Banff.

Popular Post I Didn't Think Would Be a Big Deal?The Case of the Missing Blogger, or why I ignored my blog for a month straight. I wrote that post well over two years ago and it still gets page views. I'm almost tempted to write a short story about a missing blogger to replace the post with.

Post I was Expecting to Take Off That Didn't?There are some posts that I get annoyed that I didn't get the page views that I expected. But I'm under the assumption that I only have two reader (Hi Nicole! Hi Kris!) so I don't look to far into why some of my post do better then others. Maybe when I gain a third reader I will.

The Closest Pinterest Famous I Have Ever?I don't share my posts to pinterest so I don't know if I've ever been Pinterest famous.

Quickest Post I've Ever Written?None, I spend an agonizing long amount of time making sure everything I post is something I would want to read on another blog.

Weirdest Search Term to Find My Blog?You know what, I have no keywords listed in my stats page. I once got a well over 100 views within an hour thanks to a Chinese website, so does that count?

With love;
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