October 2, 2014

// Love Links

Photo by Dale May Photography featured in Timeout

I kind of missed these posts. I surf the internet a lot. I find a lot of neat stuff and I really miss sharing it. So I'm bringing this post back. I may just be looking for an excuse to post the above photo of Benedict Cumberbatch and repost the Alexander Rybak video below. Either way I hope you enjoy these links.

• If you, like me drink a lot of coffee and have wonder what the difference is between a Flat White vs. Latte then this post is for you.
• Free Halloween book covers,  and Halloween bottle labels.
• 14-year old Naomi Horn wrote about what's right with Hermione.
• My friend Kris wrote about body image and accepting the now.
• Where are superhero comics' big name bisexual characters?
• Learn how to make a gold marbled pencil cup.
• The preview for this weekend episode of The Graham Norton Show with Peter Capaldi on it looks hilarious.
• These geode necklaces are gorgeous.
• I love this baseball shirt from Stay Home Club
• All you need is Cats, Coffee, Satan, & Spells from Blackcraft.

This is still one of my favourite song, and I'm still upset its not available on Canadian iTunes.

With Love;
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