October 16, 2014

// Love Links

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Comic by Twisted Doodles

• I love my own pair of Doc Martins, but I'm considering buying these ones for work.
• I love this post on how to support the bloggers you love.
• My favourite Alt model, Alyshia Nett has a fashion blog & this outfit she posted earlier this week is spot on.
• How to have adventures: Be curious
• This blog is fantastic, I absolutely adore Luanna Perez-Garreauds' style.
• This artist had a booth at Edmonton Expo and I recently found her Esty. I was to buy everything.
• I found my favourite episode of Cabin Pressure on youtube. Go take a listen.
• I really want to make this Candy Corn and White Chocolate cookies recipe. Because everything is better with Candy Corn in it.
• This series of .gifs are hilarious, especially the last one.
• This blog, Fashion Tips from Comic Strips is fantastic.

With love;
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