October 16, 2014

// Summer Goal Recap

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Way back in May I made a summer goal list figured I should probably give an update on all my goals. I didn't make as much progress as I would have liked, but I also had a lot of goals so that is probably why I didn't make as much progress.

1. Take more pictures
I think in someways I accomplished this. I used both my digital camera and my film cameras this summer. I do wish I had taken more pictures, but I'm happy with all the pictures I did take.

2. Climb a mountain.
Done-zo. I climbed four in total this summer. Three during my first trip to Banff, and the fourth with Braydon on my second trip to Banff. I hope to climb more next year.

3. Learn how to code.
So I played around with html and CSS tons on my layout and I code all my posts now. I'm starting to memorize certain html codes. So it's a start.

4. Do something out of my comfort zone.
Sort of, Going to Squamish was out of my comfort zone. Which reminds me that I still haven't posted about Squamish, opps.

5. Travel.
I went to Banff and Squamish, so check.

6. Fix my car.
Nope, well mostly nope. My transmission line broke the other month and needed fixed. But besides that I've not fixed any of the ongoing car troubles I've had. But I did get new tires. I also found out that one of my ball joints needs replaces.

7. Start running.
Sort of, I did the Canada Day Road Race, and then haven't ran a single mile since. Unless you count playing tag with all my nieces, nephews and cousins...

8. Grow a herb garden.
I didn't plant a herb garden this year, I did however plant a vegetable garden. Which is better.

9. Get my hair cut.
A big old nope for this one too, heck I haven't even dyed my hair.

10. Wear more dresses.
Half yes? During the first half of summer I wore a lot of dresses.

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