October 1, 2014

// What I Wore: Self-Love, in response to Nicole

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The other week my friend Nicole posted about self-love as part of her MFJ series and asked for everyone share their own response to the questions. I thought it would be fitting to share pictures I'm not to particular keen on to go with questions. The pictures themselves are from July of 2013. I thought the pictures had be long lost, but found them on a memory chip under my bed earlier this month. I dislike these pictures because I dislike how harsh the light is on them. That is the only reason why they've never been posted anywhere. Anyways...

1. What about yourself makes you feel the most confident?
Having perfect eyebrows. I keep my eyebrows well manicured and is the only part of my make-up routine I will not leave my house without doing. When I was about 18 I discovered how to shape my eyebrows and I've never looked back. Eyebrows are part of our faces that I think a lot of people over look and I have fantastic eyebrows. So fantastic that I've had complete strangers complement them, and if that isn't an ego booster I don't know what it.
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2. What 3 things do you like about your personality?
I am rational and logical, and it drives my friends and family nuts. I can think myself out of most situation, have a plan, and back up plan and a back up plans to that back up plan. And if none of those plans work I can think of another plan within seconds. I dislike being unprepared for anything. I tend to over think every situation I'm in and every decision I have to make. Which for others is quite frustrating, but I find enjoyment from making my plans. My creativity is also a great thing, especially when combined with logic. Because my plans can get pretty eccentric at times. Another reason I like how creative I am is how I'm able to use it to think outside the box to find a different solution for a problem. I'm also a procrastinator, which is why I don't post often. I don't mind being a procrastinator because every time I procrastinate I tend to read about Anglo-Saxon England. And as I've mentioned before, Anglo-Saxon England is one of my favourite periods in history. Next to the Rise and Fall of Ancient Persia and the unification of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi by Kamehameha the Great.
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3. What's one moment that you saved the day for someone else?
This one is tough. I mean, I go out of my way to help people all the time. But saving the day for someone? that's tough. I've given things away for free when a customers left their wallet at home, I've shared my lunch with friends. I've picked up coffee for friends on my way over. I've baby sat for my sister on the last minute when her usual babysitter couldn't. I do a lot of little things to make the people around me happier. And it the little things you don't notice that makes the most difference. So saving the day? Nope, I've never done that. But making a difference, no matter how small? Yes, I defiantly do that.

4. What are at least 2 physical attributes that you love and wouldn't change a thing about?
My eye colour. My eye colour is a deep blue colour that looks grey in certain lights. I feel like most people like their eye colour that that was sort of a cop out of an answer. This red dot on my face. Okay, so I have a broken blood vessel on my face that has been there as long as I remember. Occasionally it likes to burst and spew blood all over. It kind of looks like a pimple, but it's my red spot and I love it. I used to hate the spot because of its pimple like appearance, but I don't think I'd look right without it. It's part of me.

Outfit details
Tank Top - Winners
Jeggings - Simmons
Chuck Taylor Classic Converse - Little Burgundy
Sunglasses - London Drugs
Mixture of leather wraps, elastic bands and hair ties

With love;
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