October 19, 2014

// What I Wore -- Yesterdays Jam

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This post is named after the episode 'Yesterdays Jam' in season 1 of The IT Crowd. And also because the Nanking Cherry jam I had on my toast yesterday was the same colour as my toque. Did you notice that my last proper outfit post was back in September? I sure as heck didn't notice until I was went looking for my last one. I want to say I won't go so long between these posts, because they are my favourite ones to make. But, with winter coming and my lack of space and lighting inside my house I'm not sure how frequent outfit posts will be in the future. Plus, I'm lazy.

I wore this exact same outfit yesterday. And if I'm going to be completely honest, I've wore the same shirt at least four times this week and the jeggings three times. I don't think I've gone a full day without a toque in the last month. I bought the shirt at Collector's Edge in West Edmonton Mall, and it is so comfortable. Its a mens small, so I knew it was going to be a loose fit on me. But I didn't expect it to be this big. In these pictures you can't tell how big it is, because of my jacket. But trust me, it's big.

Toque - H&M
Jacket - Gift
Ghostbusters Baseball Tee - Collector's Edge
Acid Wash jeggings - H&M

With Love;
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