October 2, 2014

// Whats in my bag #3

The contents of my purse changes on a day to day basis. Some days I'm carrying a lot of books, and other days I'm carrying a lot of candy. Today happens to be a day I'm carrying a lot of Candy.
Nerd pouch by Seltzer Goods from Chapters. This pouch is the perfect size. I bought it last september to hold my calaculator and pencils for school and have used it every day since. The pins are from GeekBadge and were boughten at Edmonton Expo. The pins say "Damn the Man! Save the Empire" "It's Rex Manning Day!" "Slytherin Quidditch" "Weasley is out King" and the X-Men logo. There's also a pin I picked up at Foosh, but I have no idea what it's supposed to be. Advil bottle full of no-name Ibuprofen. Advil is expensive, when I can get the exact same stuff for half the price no-name I will do it. I usually buy the 72 pill bottle of Ibuprofen from london drugs for $9.50 and just put it in my advil bottle (I dislike the child proof lid on the London Drugs bottle). A mixture of business cards, reciepts, garbage and face masks from various places. Red panda Masks are from the Valley Zoo. An iPhone 5 cable, assorted candy bars, Wallet. Poppin notebook, Full of blog related things like design concepts, post ideas and to-do lists. This notebook is with me at all times. I have no clue why I have a lighter in my purse. The toffee was boughten sunday because reasons.
Image Des
Image Des
I get really dry lips every fall so my go to lip balm is Vaseline lip therapy in cocoa butter. I really like this product, and it lasts forever. I've had this one for 6 months and am nowhere close to finshing it anytime soon. Work is rough on my hands, so I'm in constant need of my nail file and nail clipper to trim chipped nails. And the Iron Man bow is from Abandoned Warehouse, I bought it at Edmonton Expo.
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Assortment of pencils and pens. The Pentel Forte Mechanical Drafting Pencil in 0.7mm is my all time favourite mechanical pencil ever. I could rave about how great this pencil is but I don't want to bore you. I also have a  Pilot Colour Eno in pink, red, and purple. These pencils are great for rough sketching ideas for inking. A single PaperMate Flare marker in magenta, and two PaperMate InkJoy pens in pink and purple. I love my InkJoy pens I have the 300 RT and the 100 RT versions. The 300 RT is pictured above. And also my iPhone headphones.
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I bought the Red Dwarf patch at Edmonton Expo to go on my jean vest. My mouse is from Logitech. I don't think this particular verison is avalible anymore as I've owned it for three years, but I highly recomend this brand for mice as I've never had a problem with this mouse. The battery lasts for ages, it never loses connection and works on most surfaces. The Tiger Balm was boughten last week when I messed up my wrist. It's supposed to help with sore muscles and joint pain, but it didn't help my pain at all.

With love;
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