November 3, 2014

// Five things

Image Des
Imagine Dragon - I bet my life. I love Imagine Dragon. They're probably my most listened to artist of 2014.
• Harry Potter. So this isn't something new, I just have been rereading the book and it relighted the fire in my heart for all things Potter.
• How To Train Your Dragon 2. No surprise there.
• Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I've been trying to see this movie for ages. I didn't get to see the movie while in was in theatres, but I did pick up the DVD the other week and it's even better then I imagined.
Pumpkin Chai from Davids Tea. I don't like tea with cinnimen in it but there's something about this tea that is wonderful. I've managed to get my hands on over 300g of tea so hopefully that will last me until nest fall.

With love;
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