November 4, 2014

// Love Links

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Amazing Luna Lovegood painting by Morgane Velten

I think I spent a lot more time online this month then I have in a while. I split my time between tumblr, pinterest, and twitter. And I started using the 'popular' feature on bloglovin' to find different things to read. So this edition of love links is a little more diverse as I tried to include a bit of everything.

• A new to me blog is Zoe London.
• What Felicia Day had to say about Gamer Gate is important.
• This tweet.
• My first introduction to superheros was through X-Men so this post about the rise of X-Men was an interesting read.
• The best of Amazon's hilarious user-submitted reviews. User-submitted anything is always great.
This interview with Benedict Cumberbatch about his role as Alan Turing is fantastic.
• I love Gala Darlings' post about Style Uniforms.
• I really love this collection of 50 free Photoshop actions.
• This post on how to make your editorial calendar work for you is great.
• Kris wrote about Fed Up.

With love;
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