December 20, 2014

A Christmas Wish List

A few autumns ago I made a wishlist and have been meaning to make another one since. Since Christmas is next week and I have the knowledge that Braydon hasn't purchased my Christmas present yet. I thought now would be as good of time to share all my current wishlist. Slightly devious reasoning, but whatever. I'm being helpful, not devious, helpful.
1. Donkey Kong: Country Returns 2. Luigi's Mansion : Dark Moon 3. Mario Golf 4. Pandemic 5. Cards Against Humanity 6. Dalek Socks 7. Coffee Pu'erh 8. Read My Lips 9. Three Wishes 10. Chapters/Indigo gift card
11. Sephora gift card
This first group of items is my usual wishlist of practical-ish things. Tea, socks, games, and gift cards. I can already guarantee I'm going to get a chapter/indigo gift card and tea for Christmas. As I've gotten both for the last three Christmas'. Socks are my favourite thing to get for Christmas. There's just something about brand new socks that makes Christmas feel complete.

12. Teapot 13. Happy 14. Globe 15. Galaxy 16. Disney, Be Magical 17. London Bus 18. Lucky Cat
This group is all Pandora charms, because I have a Pandora charm bracelet that I never take off. And because these ones all fit with the slight theme my bracelet has going. I've picked each charm to represent something in my life. The teapot, because I drink too much tea. The Budai and lucky cat would be for my dad and going out for Chinese every Saturday during my youth. The globe for my love of travelling. The London bus would match the Big Ben charm I already have, and my favouritism of British pop culture. The Disney charm as a throwback for when I went to Florida last yea. And the 'Galaxy' charm is just pretty.
Image Des

19. Sony a7 II 20. Fujifilm X100T 21. iPad Mini 3 22. Wii U 23. Canon 10-22mm Lens 24. Canon 40 mm Lens
This group of items is all the items I would love to have but can't afford. I love both the Sony and Fijifilm cameras due to their size and the retro look of the bodies. If I had to chose I would prefer the Fijifilm over the Sony. An iPad would be fantastic for web browsing or using it for iBooks. Realistically I don't need a iPad, my tablet works just fine. But since I use my tablet as a laptop 98% of the time having something else I could use to pull up images or references on would be great. The Wii U is something I wouldn't be upset if I never owned, as I only want one so I can play Hyrule Warriors. Beyond that game I have no reason for owning a Wii U. And I'm always eyeing up different lens for my camera. These two are my current wants, but give it a month and I'll be eyeing up two different ones.

With love;

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