December 28, 2014

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Looking south on the Lake by Nicolas Bouvier
Happy Holidays! I hope everyone's holidays are going by great. My own have been great so far. I some how got four days off in a row this week, so I spent my days off with friends and family. On Christmas Eve I went to my sisters' for dinner and gift exchange. Usually some of my cousins' come over too for dinner, but this year we kept it small and had Chinese food. After dinner and unwrapping a few gifts we finished off the night by embrassing ourselves around the pool table.

On Christmas Day I slept until noon, and then unwraped the few gifts from my parents. After watching The Hitchhilkers Guide to the Galaxy I started making dinner for my parents and I. For dinner I roasted a small chicken, with some mashed potatoes, peas, Yorkshire pudding, and gravy. Basically my favourite dinner ever. Maybe its the English and Scottish in me, but I find the simpler the meal the tastier. After dinner I went over to Braydons house to spend some time with him and his family.

On Boxing Day I woke up bright and early, and made my way to West Edmonton Mall with a few of my co-workers to take part in all the Boxing Day sales. I had gotten a $150 Sephora giftcard from Braydon for Christmas, so I hit up Sephora to buy whole bunch of new make-up that I was out of. I also bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet that I had been wanting for quite a while. I also bought three new Pandora charms, and some discounted rings and sweaters. I was tempted to buy so much more, but held back. After getting home from the Mall I spent the rest of the day working on things for this blog, cleaning, and watching Sailor Moon. And then yesterday I slept far to late and lazed around the house before going into town to spend far too much money in Chapters. All in all my holiday was great.
• Kris' blog Canadian Girl Runs got new home and a new look! Her blog looks amazing. Seriously, go check it out.
• The Ninth Doctor is returning! to Comics that is. I already read the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelve Doctors' comics, so naturally I'll be picking up Nines' when it comes out.
• Also comic related, Spider-Woman got a new redesign and her outfit looks amazing. Her new outfit would be such an easy outfit to cosplay for comic expos.
• Check out these crazy awesome photoshopped animals Sarah DeRemer created.
• I came across feminist hacker barbie a couple months ago, and then it reappear this past week on tumblr. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to share it. So yeah.
• Archie is being relaunched in 2015 and I can't wait. Archie Andrews is kind of the big deal in my house hold. My mum read Archie. I read Archie, and now my nephew reads Archie. So when I heard the news about the relaunch I was over the moon.
• I kind of love this step by step guide to chasing your dreams. Now if only I can follow through with the advice.
Four Steps To Be More Carefree and Happy in 2015 is great too.
• I read this interview with Benedict Cumberbatch because I'm obsessed and ended up learning a thing or two about time management, Thanks Cumberbabe!
• 10 Signs You're A Bad Witch via Gala Darling.

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