January 8, 2015

Jobs I'd Love to Have

As of 2pm Sunday I no longer had job to call my own. Until I find a new job I'm going to spend a lot of time working boasting myself up and handing out resumes. Since I'm procrastinating from writing anymore cover letters' for today, I thought it would be a fun idea to create a list of jobs. Some of these range from completely do-able, to the impossible.

Writer / Author
This is a childhood dream that I've held onto like a moldy teddy bear. And is something I'm not quite ready to put away, which is also a contributing factor to why I blog. Writing is something I love to do, but it's something I'm terrible at. All I can do it practice practice practice.
Image Des
My love of James Bond movies may or may not be the main contributing factor to this. Just imagine, travelling the world, fighting bad guys and drinking scotch? That sounds fantastic. Although I'm sure not all employed in espionage drink scotch. Make whiskey or rye? Maybe I just need a drink...

Over the last year there has been a huge jump in blogs about the topic of magic, and thats amazing. I love the theory of magic, I love the history and I love the imagery. But I have a hard time remembering to use my own tarot cards, let alone remembering to use herbs and follow rituals and all the stuff. I have respect for all the people who do. I wish I had that kind of dedication. & besides, even if I did how could I even be able to make enough money to sustain even the most basic cost of living?
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I love photography. I love that a simple picture can hold so much emotion. But I've never worked with another person. Unless you count Braydon. Photography is one of those things that only my own anxiety is holding me back.

This is a bit of a cough out for this lists because, I am an artist. I don't draw as much anymore, but I swear I AM an artist guys. I am! I've played with the idea of selling my art online, so maybe I just need to take that jump and actually do it.
Images from Death to the Stock Photo


  1. I think you could be great at all of these, especially photographer, writer, and artist! Your sketches are amazing, and I always love your photos. I feel you should take the jump and start selling your art, and defeat your anxiety and start photography!

    Also, love how you've done your layout. It IS easier to read, and I love the new name, haha

  2. I really want to make that jump eventually, I just don't know where to start. Maybe once I have a new job and settle into I'll starting working towards selling my art.


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