January 19, 2015

// My Blogging Essentials

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It seems every blog has been writing about their blogging process and I thought I'd jump on board and share my blogging essentials.

Asus transformer "Tabtop"
Whenever I'm talking about my computer I meant this tablet. I've pushed my tablet to its limits and use it more as a laptop then as an actual tablet. Because of how small it is its great to travel with and fits easily in my bag. My only complaint about my tablet is that it only has a 64gb hard drive which forces me to backup my photos a lot more then I want to.

Moleskine notebook and Papermate pens
I like using the large cashier journals for jotting out ideas. Because the covers are non-glossy they can double as a mousepad. I also have this 18 month planner and this plain notebook for sketching in. Right now I'm using a hilroy notepad, but it's almost gone so I will be switching back to a moleskin because I love how durable they are.

Hemingway app
Hemingway is a editing tool for writing. It helps with grammar, spelling mistakes and run on sentences. Everything I write gets edited with Hemingway to catch any mistakes I make. As I'm mentioned before I'm not a strong writer, but by using Hemingway I see my mistakes easier. And it helps me to make sure my writing is clear to read. Sometimes mistake get past my own editing and Hemingway, but there are a lot less mistakes as there used to be. I am slightly depended on the app, but by using it I am getting more confident in my writing.

A playlist full of great music
I can't write unless I'm listening to music.  But because my tablet has such a small harddrive I don't keep alot of music on my itunes library. So to make up for it I keep my ipod stocked up with great music on it or turn to online streaming site like 8tracks or spotify. My personal favourite playlist is this ultimate 90s playlist.

Canon T1i and 1.4/f 50 mm lens
My trusty Canon has been by my side for over five years. I need to upgrade, but I enjoy shocking fellow photographers when they find out what type of camera I use. The original kit lens my camera came with has long been retired. I had upgraded to the 1.8/f 50mm lens, but after three years of use it had to be retired too. My current lens, the 1.4/f 50mm is amazing. But its not the most practical lens. I'm on the fence between buying a new lens or saving up to buy a different camera.

Photoshop CS5
I'm lucky to have this program. My friend is a program developer. And when I first got my tablet he happened to his copy of Photoshop with him and installed it into my tablet for me. On previous laptops I've had both Photoshop Elements and Lightroom, Photoshop CS6. So it has been nice having a program I'm already comfortable in to edit pictures again.

I've been using Photobucket to host photos for years. I how easy to use photobucket is to use, but the ads drive me nuts.

A double tall latte, water, or mug of tea.
My go to drink at Starbucks is a double tall latte. I love the strong coffee taste of espresso and the creaminess of 2% milk. But lately I've been drawn towards vanilla lattes and black coffee. When I'm writing at home I have a constant supply of tea. My favourite tea, Glitter & Gold from DavidsTea is always on hand. I also have been drinking a lot of DavidsTea Pumpkin Chai and Twinnings Earl Grey.


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