January 7, 2015

Shelby Bolton is Actually Twelve

Things are starting to look a bit different round here. Remember a few months back when I said I was going to do some playing around with the look of this here blog. Well I've kept my word. I've spent more hours than I care to admit playing around with code over the last couple months. Even during my month and a half stint of not posting I was still working on stuff for this blog.

There have been a lot of small changes made over the last few months.  to a brand new name!?! I've been agonizing about the name of this blog for the last six months. And then it hit me. Why not use the hashtag I used on twitter and instagram? #actruallytwelve. If in a years time I hate it I can always change it so something else.
Image Des
I had wanted to keep with the same colours as previous designs had. But did not want my own design to look like a rip off of The Blogcademy, which have pretty similar colour. So I opted for a softer green and a warm grey to balance each other. I decided to stay with my previous grey colour for my main text, as I find dark greys are easier to read than black.

I'm currently working on updating my pages, making a responsive theme, and updating broken links. Because I don't actually know what I'm doing, and am making it up as I go along. Progress on the design will probably be slow, and take another six months to finish.
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