February 16, 2015

Five Things

If you heard any sounds of my heart breaking on Saturday its' because my other love, Benedict Cumberbatch, tied the knot with his fiance, Sophia Hunter in the most romantic way possible. Well, I think getting married in a 12th century church on the Isle of Wight on Valentine Day is romantic. It seems similar to the plot of my favourite romantic comedy, The Decoy Bride. Expect without the decoy bride... Before I get completely off topic here are my top five favourite things right now.

✚ My two new grey blankets from Ikea. I have a weakness for bedding, so naturally I own far too many blankets. I also bought two storage cubes to store my extra blankets, and scarves in.

✚ Bastille. I finally caved and bought the All This Bad Blood CD for my car. Up until last  week I didn't notice that there was two discs in the case. So now I'm listening to the second disc non stop.

✚ Losing in Triva Crack. Before brayden left for work the other week he convinced me to download the app to play against him. And I can't stop playing it. I get too excited when I answer a sports question right, and cry out in shame whenever I get a Art or History question wrong. It you want to play against me my username is @shelbyybolton.

✚ Impromptu coffee with cool people. I ran into my friend Laughlan at Starbucks. And ended up discussing comic book and life for over an hour.

✚ All the concert tickets! I have tickets to see Gaslight Anthem, and Milky Chance. I'm planning on buying Ed Sheeran tickets as soon as pre-sales open up. And I'm going to see Imagine Dragons too. 2015 is turning into the year of great concerts.
The above picture was a rejected outfit picture from back in September. I really love the dress I was wearing, but I rushed the pictures. And ended up with only the one usable picture. The rest were out of focus and over exposed.

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