February 8, 2015

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Good afternoon! I hope you've been having an awesome weekend, or had a awesome weekend. Depending on when you're reading this. My own weekend has been pretty great. Braydon & I celebrated our 6th valentines day on Saturday, since he won't be home for the actual day. We braved the cold and went on a walk to our favourite fountain in Edmonton. I, of course complained the entire time, because I hate being cold. After our walk we had an early dinner at Earls' before going to see The Imitation Game.

I've been trying to go see The Imitation Game since its release, was excited to finally see it. The movie had us laughing, and crying. It was thought provoking and everything I wanted from the movie. I can completely see why Imitation Game has been nominated for so many awards, and I highly recommend it. (And not because Benedict Cumberbatch is in it, but it does help. ;-))

✚ Hank Green of vlogbrother wrote Holy Shit, I Interviewed the President.
✚ My friend Katie started her own blog!
25 Things You Should Start Doing Now That You're 25 is a neat read. Some of the points I completely agree with, other points are kinda well.. pointless.
✚ I'm always on the lookout for new patches for my jean vest. This drunk texting one is awesome. I also like this coffee one.
✚ Speaking of patches, this girls support each other patch is great too.
Chester 3000 is a erotic, robotic, Victorian romantic comic by Jess Fink. It has amazing art, and is pretty cute story. This comic is definitely not safe for work, so don't read it while there's a chance of anyone's looking over your shoulder or else you'll get some outrageous gasps from strangers like I have.  (To read it just press the little next by the date)
✚ I need this pink studded leather jacket. It would look so good with a skater dress or black skinny jeans. This runes racerback tank is great too.
✚ Since I am an introvert these Travel tips are just up my alley.
How to make Rose Water if that's your thing.
✚ I'm not the hugest fan of beauty blog, especially ones that focus on nail art. But The Nail challenge won me over.
Golden Gate Bridge by Axel Antas

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