February 9, 2015

My Top 15 Favourite Posts

Yesterday marked the three years anniversary of this blog. When I first started blogging I never thought I'd still be writing three years later. I figured I would give up after a month, but instead I'm still writing. To celebrate I decided to share my top 15 favourite posts, and why they're my favourite. I didn't list these in any order.

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The Case of The Missing Blogger
I've mention The Case of The Missing Blogger being my favourite post, because it's the most viewed post on this blog. And its so ridiculous. I've thought about writing a short story about a missing blogger to put on that page. Just because it's just a post about me apologizing for watching too much television to blog...

Edmonton Expo 2012
The one and only expo post I've ever done. I always forget to take pictures on expo weekends. I can't wait for Calgary Expo this April. Heck yes, I'm going again. Expo weekends are my favourite weekends.

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Photo an hour 001
At one point I had intended to do photo an hour posts on a monthly basis, I think I did one other one. I usually do the same thing for hours on end, and every single attempt I've made on this has ended up the same. A few pictures of my tv or computer screen, a few of whatever I'm drinking and a photo of liam. This particular day stand out because I saw The Black Keys play that evening.

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Minolta X-700
My second post! Three years ago Nicole started her blog, I decided to be blog buddies and started my own. For the longest time this blog was called Ankkuri. Doesn't anyone even remember that? Back then I never thought I'd still be posting three years later.

5 destinations I'd love to visit
From the other week. I enjoyed working on this post alot. It took me four days to gather all the informations, photo sources and to write. It even features a picture from my good friend Aaron. I'd rate this post my second favourite, next to The Case of The Missing Blogger. Just because of how much I enjoyed working on it.

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What I Wore : Yesterday's Jam
My favourite outfit. As I writing this I have the jeggings, toque and leather jacket on right now. I don't know how many times I've gone to take photos for a new outfit post to realise I'm wearing this outfit.

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Photoset : With Caution
The photoset that I almost didn't post. Looking at these pictures I know exactly what I was feeling on that day, even though I was well over six months ago. I remember the blaring +30 heat. How humid it felt in the shade of the trees. The 37 mosquito bites I got on my legs from the 45 minutes it took to take the pictures. The dread of the unknown.

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What's in my bag #2
Of all my bag posts, #2 is my favourite because of how colour it is. And well it's amusing how much I could fit in my Kate Spade purse. I also am amused by how many of my bag post have candy featured in them.

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Everyday Adventures : Banff National Park part 1 and part 2
I only just noticed I never posted my other trip to Banff (or my trip to florida for that matter). Anyways I love these posts, because I actually posted them. I'm good at promising posts and not following thru. So the fact that I posted about banff, and split it into two posts is impressive.

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What I Wore : Red Willow Park
Back in the spring I was teaching Braydon how to use my Minolta. These pictures are a result of those lessons. These pictures were taken the same week that the with caution photoset was. I was channeling my inner viking that week. Meaning my hair had about 20 micro braids and things braided into my hair. Also, my hair here is the closest to my natural hair colour my hair had been in 14 years.

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DreamWorks : Dragons
A post about Dragons was inevitable. How To Train Your Dragon 2 came out in theatres the same week someone in my family was diagnosed with cancer. My love/obsession with Dragons is a bit of a coping mechanism. But even so, Dragons has taught me so much, and in helped me deal with the changes in my life.

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What I Wore : All Black with Purple
My hair was purple for a six month period, and every single day I miss it.

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What I Wore : Fall Edition
Oh blonde hair. This post and the one above with purple hair were posted days apart. Thats one of the things I love about posting daily outfits. How much my look can change in just a few days.

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Pencil Scratches : Ryan Dunn
I drew this portrait of Ryan Dunn as a gift for my mum. Ryan Dunn was my favourite member of Jackass, and after his death I did get a quote from him tattooed on my ribcage. This particular picture is not my favourite, but it was one of the harder ones I've done.

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An outfit post?
The first outfit post I shared. It featured horrible lighting, my overcrowded bedroom. I remember being nervous about this post. Now looking back, it's kind of funny. It was the first post that started me in the direction I wanted to take this blog.

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