February 19, 2015

What I Wore: Same Old Same Old

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I feel like every outfit I post it a variation of this outfit from August. In fact, that outfit is exactly what I'm wearing right now, but with the red converse in this post instead of flats. This is why I will never be a fashion blogger. I don't have a wide enough variety in my wardrobe. I do actually own more than jean and t-shirts. But with the current season its just impractical to wear anything but layers.

I can't wait for the snow to melt so I can get back to taking pictures outside. I can't wait to put away my heavy sweaters and toques and pull out my dresses, skirts and flats. I've been day dreaming of getting my hand dirty in the garden, and going for walks with Braydon along the river valley. Don't even get me started about scarves and jackets. I desperately want to be able to leave my house without 50 million layers of warmth. But spring equinox is only a month away. And before we know it summer will be upon us.

Speaking of summer. In my last five things post I mentioned all the concerts I'm going too this year and well... Squamish released the 2015 line-up today and I'm currently trying to convince myself that I don't need to go. I am of course failing miserably and will most likely cave and buy tickets. As if I need another concert to go to this year.
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Image DesImage Des
I convinced Braydon to take these pictures while we were visiting the museum. During which my camera was acting up. Hence the blurry and out of focus pictures. 

✚ Maroon toque - H&M
✚ Pleather jacket - Gift
✚ Grey Hoodie - Stitches
✚ Plaid Green Flannel - Urban Behaviour
✚ Marvel Tank Top - Urban Behaviour
✚ Black Jeggings - American Eagle
✚ Red Converse hi-tops
✚ Satchel - Call It Spring

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