March 18, 2015

Twelve Things About Me

I love reading facts about other people. I always find it amusing (in a good way) to see what facts about oneself that others choose to share. As the title suggests here are twelve hopefully interesting facts about myself that you may not have already know. I tired to have each fact be something I hadn't previously mentioned. But I'm sure my own memory has failed me.
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✚ The first Harry Potter book I read was the Prisoner of Azkaban. And I hated it. But ten year old Shelby didn't know the book was the third in the series and found the book very confusing. But when I ended up having to read the same book are part of my Language Arts curriculum three years later I ended up really loving the book, and the series. These days Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite (book and movie) in the whole series.

✚ Speaking of Harry Potter, I am a proud Slytherin. At the tender age of 13 I really wanted to be a Slytherin. But I was always sorted into Gryffindor on every test I did until I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore. And well where you're sorted on Pottermore is more important than some made up test on Angelfire anyday.
✚ My favourite comic series is Freakangels. Freakangels follows the lives of twelve 23-year old psychics in a post-apocalyptic London. The first time I wandered into Thunderground, the comic store I go to. I picked Freakangels out of the shelves based completely on the fact that it was written by Warren Ellis. A writer that I recognized from twitter, but had never read any work from. And it was an instant love affair (Warren Ellis now follows me on Snapchat so we're basically bffs, or so I'm pretending).

✚ Contrary to popular belief turquoise is not my favourite colour. True, this blog has turquoise highlights, my bedroom is turquoise, and almost all of my possessions. It's the colour I'm drawn towards more than any other colour. But grey is infact my favourite colour (shade?). Other colours I love a lot are purple, green and orange.
✚ My natural hair texture is insane. It's not quite curly enough to be considered curly, but it's not tame enough to be even remotely considered straight. It's thick. It's damaged. And it has a mind of it's own. I long stopped trying to control my hair. I usually straighten it after washing it to control the frizz, and then let it be until the next washing which is every two weeks. By the end of the two weeks it usually so tangled, curly and unmanageable that I often refer to it as my viking hair.

✚ I technically have four cats. Koda, Cocoa, Kitty-kitty, and Ghost. My sister bought my Koda was a 15th birthday present. We think Koda is part wild, as she refuses to come inside and doesn't trust anyone. So she's strictly an outdoor cat by her choice. I found Cocoa when she was a small kitty, just a few weeks old. Shes our only indoor cat. Then theres the two stray cats that we feed. Kitty-kitty, a black and white cat that showed up three years ago. And Ghost, a big white cat that made it's presence known just this winter. (Cocoa is pictured below.)
✚ I have an obsessed with stationary. I own far to many pens, pencils, paper clips, notepads, and binder clips. My favourite notebook has a Slytherin crest on the cover, that I bought it at the Owl Post in Hogsmeade. I probably will never actually use this notebook in fear of ruining it.

✚ My favourite superhero is Iron Man. But I prefer comic book Tony over MCU Tony. Robert Downey Jr. does do an excellent job that portraying Mr. Stark. But in the comics, especially The Invincible Iron Man run by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca, the character is so much more. Plus, I'm still pissed about how extremis and the Mandarin are portrayed in Iron Man 3.

✚ I created my first website/blog on Angelfire, back when I was eleven (2001). When the only internet we had was dial-up and I only could go online for an hour per day. I switched to livejournal around the age of 13. Around 17 I delete all my posts from everywhere, and switched to only using Twitter, Facebook and Nexopia. The later of which I deleted at the age of 19, and started using tumblr instead.
✚ Growing up I wanted to be a Veterinarian. Up until I was 15 I thought it was entirely possible for me to do. Until I realised I hated learning science and math. I'm brain just isn't wired to learn those topics. I appreciate science and math. I love seeing other people get excited over sciencey things. But I just can't wrap my head around it.
✚ I constantly am changing my hair. True in recent years then hair changes haven't been so noticeable. But I haven't seen my hair my natural colour since I was twelve. It's a running joke between family and friends that every picture of me has a different hair cut/style/colour. I think it's fantastic.
✚ The first time I mentioned How to Train Your Dragon in this blog was July 24, 2012. During my last "Random facts about me" post. The first time I saw the trailer for the movie I knew I would love it. Toothless reminds me so much of Liam, my dog. In all honestly I've been using Dragons to fill that Harry Potter sized hole in my life. And since the last movie won't be coming out until 2018, my love won't be faltering any time soon.

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