March 3, 2015

Love Links

Thomas Lefebvre
✚ I really like these 7 secrets to quickly master a foreign language. I've been wanting, and miserably failing to learn Gaelic for a while. So hopefully these tips help.
No One Showed Up To A Little Boy With Autism’s Birthday, So His Mom Asked Facebook For Help.
Super Easy Ways to Find Out Which Colours Flatter You Most
✚ This shaggy sweater is great.
33 to get serious about social media.
Depression: Psychology Lessons from Harry Potter was an excellent read.
✚ Continuing on the theme of Harry Potter Five things “Harry Potter” has taught me about death.
In praise of being basic made me realize how basic I am.
✚ This weeks favourite blog is Hannah Gale. Lists, Fashion, Make-up, London what's not to love.
Nicole is back! Nicole is 100% the reason why I started blogging, so I always get real happy when I see her posts.
Palm Trees by Thomas Lefebvre

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  1. Haha, thanks for the mention and I'm happy you get real happy when you see my posts ;) Your blog is always one of the first ones I click on when I see a post from you in the line up of blogs to catch up on!


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