March 15, 2015

Love Links

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Why Draven’s Suicide Broke My Heart and the 3 Things I Do To Keep Myself Alive.
How men’s rights groups are distorting the debate about equality is a very interesting read.
✚ I really love this 50 Ways to Have an Adventure Without Leaving Town.
✚ From Buzzfeed, 21 Times Tumblr Proved English Is The Worst Language Ever, a this badass 
looking un-wedding.
✚ There was a lost city discovered in Honduran jungle
✚ Have you seen the "sparklemuffin" peacock spider? I'm not a huge fan of spiders, but this one just
looks so cuddly and adorable.
✚ From ComicAlliance there is an early review for the upcoming Jem and the Hologram comic. An interview with Lissa Treiman who animated for Disney for eight years! And Chris Sims answers how he learned to love Archie.
✚ From The Mary Sue How To Get Your Partner To Call You "Sherlock" In The Bedroom if thats your thing. Also, Why Do We Share Things Online That Make Us Super Angry?
✚ A great reminder from Shauna, Live the Impossible.
✚ From Hannah Gale, 37 Things That Instantly Put You in a Good Mood.
"Making a tea, putting tea down, forgetting about said tea. Remembering tea, tasting tea, realising you've caught it at the absolute perfect temperature." 
✚ Also from Hannah Gale, The Truth About Being a Full-Time Blogger, and 31 Things My First Year of Blogging Has Taught Me.
Ireland just accidentally legalised ecstasy ketamine and magic mushrooms. This is the best headline I've read this week.
✚ From Zoe London, It's Okay To Carve Your Own Path Against The Norm.
5 Psychological Blocks that Stop Bloggers Going from Good to Great is a really interesting read.
What Makes A Blog Successful
✚ Jasmine Star on Fear and Ambition.
✚  These 5 Branding Tips for Business Newbies are great. It drives me nuts when I visit a site that looks like it was designed in the 90s. Just follow these 5 tips and you're golden.
✚ Because Archie is my homeboy*, look at these amazing variant covers for the new series.
How do you define true beauty?
* Does anyone even say that anymore?
Photo by Brian Jimenez for Unsplash


  1. That spider does look cute, but still too creepy for my liking, haha! Also, I'm halfway through the list of 37 Things that instantly put you in a good mood, and loving it. That quote is me to a T - I always forget about my tea, and even over-steeped, I can still enjoy it at a good temperature.

  2. I so want to see that spider in person. It looks like a cute pokemon.


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