March 4, 2015

Twelve Things I've Learned From Blogging

Twelve is a great number. Twelve months in the year, twelve days of christmas, twelve monkeys jumping on the bed, number twelve Grimmauld Place etc. Also, twelve as in Actually Twelve. So naturally if I'm going to make a list of things I would make in twelve items long. And since all these "what I've learned" style posts are all the rage lately. I thought I'd chime in with what I've learned over the last three years. And well its twelve items long...
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1. It's hard.
In the beginning I greatly underestimated how much work would go into each blog post. I figured it would take 15-20 minutes to write something and press publish. That not the case. I am a perfectionist, and am lucky if I can finish a post per day. Because of this most of my posts are usually started and worked on weeks before they're published.

2. It's stressful.
I never know how stressed out I would get trying to come up with something interesting to write. I'm a boring person. I spend 90% of my time in front of a computer. How the hell is that interesting?

3. It easy to"put off" doing.
Yes, I had three posts I had planned on publishing last week. Several things I need to take pictures of. A layout to fix, and to figure out why disqus still isn't displaying properly on certain browsers. Did I do any of that last week? Nope. Why you ask. Well because spending time with friends and family seemed like a better idea at the time.

4. Success doesn't happen overnight.
In all honesty, I have no idea what success is. My own idea of success would be a self sufficient blog. For this blog to make enough money to pay for the expenses it would cost to move off of blogger. Also, for it to make enough to pay my internet bill.
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5. Taking good pictures is a huge pain in the ass.
Because my camera is quite old and a pain in the ass I'm stuck depending on natural light to take pictures. In the summer this isn't a probably, but in the winter? Screw that. I'm not going to spend forever in the cold to take a dozen pictures of myself awkwardly in front of my tripod. Only to hate every single picture. Or edit out the lovely orange glow out of every indoor picture, only for them to look over exposed and grainy. Nope. I'll be sticking to stock pictures until the snow melts.

6. You're never be happy with your blogs' design.
I am always tweaking with the design of this blog. For the first time in years I have a general idea on what I want to create. But I don't have nearly enough knowledge to create the blog design I want. Right now my personal aesthetics vs. the design of this blog don't connect. I am laid back geeky-mall-goth, where this blog is minimal and clean.

7. Social Media is key.
I suck as promoting myself on social media. I understand everything I'm doing wrong with self promotion. I don't share my blog anywhere, expect Google+ because it's automatic. Occasionally I'll tweet about posts, but not often. I don't pin any of my posts on pinterest, and I don't share them on Facebook. How are potential readers gonna find me if I don't put myself out there.

8. Organization is super important.
Trying to keep pictures, word documents and other files organized more work than I imagined. I don't have my own organization down to a science yet. But I do try to keep myself fairly organized.

9. I have no idea why my readers keep returning.
I'm not interesting. I don't post regularly. And I'm don't post anything worth sharing. But yet, every time I click into my analytic my returning visitor percent is around 80%. I don't know why you all keep coming back, but you do. And for that I'm extremely gratefully. Sometimes I feel like this blog is very "old man yells at cloud". It's nice to know someone is reading.

10. The hardest posts to write, feel more satisfying to publish.
The posts I spend the most time on writing are more rewarding. Because they force me out of my comfort circle.

11. It has been and continues to be the number one thing I think about all day.
I spend an average of four hours per night working on this blog. Be it learning how to do something in html/css, trying to figure out how to fix my mistakes, or writing and editing pictures. On days or weeks where I haven't posted anything chances are I've spent most of the day writing or working on something blog related.

12. I absolutely love every second I spend working on it.
I keep coming back to this blog, even after several month hiatuses because I enjoy it. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy sharing.
Twelve is also the number of times twelve was mentioned in this post. 

What has your blog taught you?


  1. This is awesome! I can relate to each of these :) P.S. I am always reading so keep posting lady!!

  2. I'm always reading, too :) Blogging is's hard to get back on that horse after a couple month hiatus, but we can do it!


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