March 23, 2015

What I Wore : Another Throwback

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Hello! I'm currently in recovery mode from a busy and lazy weekend. Busy in the sense that I was go go go all weekend, but lazy as in every moment not spent with friends was spent in bed sleeping and binging on Netflix. I spent Friday night at my favourite Starbucks complaining about their free wifi and hanging out with a few of my old co-workers. I haven't been able to connect to the free wifi in a few days, which sucks since I do all my blogging at Starbucks. After approximately three hours of refreshing my browser, we left and had a late dinner at Boston Pizza.

I spent all Saturday in Starbucks with my friend Natasha keeping her company while she studies and I complained about my tablet not connecting to the wifi, again. Later in the evening we met up with a bunch of our other friends for dinner at Famoso. After our pizza and drinks, which ended up being free because we waited almost an hour, we headed to Lazer Quest on the west side of Edmonton for a lazer tag party. I've never played lazer tag before and was pretty nervous I'd be bad at it, which I was. But I still found it enjoyable. Because of being out so late the night before I spent all Sunday in bed watching Netflix. I did force myself out of bed long enough to reheat some leftover pizza and clean my room.
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These pictures were taken back in June of last year. The same weekend as these pictures to be exact. I didn't like the yellow tone the pictures ended up having and never posting them... Sound familiar? It seems pink and denim are my favourite combos, as this is the second set with an almost identical outfit. The pink dress in these pictures is a lot more versatile, as it does have adjustable straps and is all around more comfortable to wear.

I wish I had a better close up at all the pins and badges on my vest. I started collecting pins and badges when I was fifteen and I've never really grow out of it. I love adding one of my many slytherin pins or "It's Rex Manning Day!" to an shirt to give it an extra touch. The pins pictured on my vest have come from various places. Some pins are from Disney World and Universal Studios from when I went two years ago. I've also picked up some of them from music stores, and most recently comic expos. I kind of see them as girl scout badges, expect I wasn't a girl scout.
✚ Denim Vest - Streetwear society
✚ Assortment of Pins and Badges
✚ Pink Dress - H&M
✚ Ballet Flats - American Eagle
✚ Satchel - Target
✚ Evenstar Necklace - Calgary Expo
✚ Slytherin Lanyard - Wizarding World of Harry Potter / Universal Studios
✚ Canon wireless remote
✚ Pandora triple wrap bracelet with assortment of charms

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