March 6, 2015

Workspace Wishlist

My current desk set up is very cramped and difficult to work at. So naturally I've been window shopping for things to improve the small space. I started my search with pinterest. I noticed an obvious trend with all my home inspiration pins. Every pin featured furniture and decor that was black, white, and 50 shades of grey. So from there I started looking for similar items that wouldn't break the bank.

Of the three chairs pictures, the yellow REIDAR chair from IKEA is my favourite. I think it would look great paired with the geometric grey and yellow rug for a nice pop of colour. Plus I already have yellow items in the room so it would tie in well with those. I also like the idea of draping the TEJN faux sheepskin across a chair for a cushion.

The drawer unit is the same height as my current desk and would look great right beside it. And I'd be able to put my record player on top of it, instead of it taking up my desk. The utility cart would make a great storage for art supplies, much better than the several shoe boxes I keep all my supplies in right now. And what desk doesn't need a lamp? I'm leaning toward the Skull Glow lamp. Because who doesn't love skulls? And lastly the pillows. Technically pillows aren't needed in a workspace, but how great is that bitch pillow? I need it.
TOBIAS Chair from IKEA.
REIDAR Chair from IKEA.
Eames® Molded Fiberglass Dowel-Leg Side Chair from DWR.
TEJN Faux sheepskin from IKEA.
MORUM Rug from IKEA.
Pattern, grey - yellow rug by Lindella from society6.
Directeur Table Lamp from Urban Barn.
Skull Glow Lamp from Urban Barn.
Etoiles Glow Lamp from Urban Barn.
Compass by Zach Terrell from society6.
Geodesic by Terry Fan from society6.
I'M NOT ALWAYS A BITCH by CreativeAngel from society6.
ALEX Drawer unit from IKEA.
R├ůSKOG Utility cart from IKEA.


  1. This is perfect! It all goes so well together, too. It's totally you...including the pillow, haha, love it!

  2. Thanks! I probably going to order the pillow as soon as I have a job.


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