April 14, 2015

A H&M Wishlist

Okay, so maybe my life is becoming 50 shades of grey. Because I literally wear 50 shades of grey, not you know.. the other reason. But there is just something great about grey asymmetrical shirts and skinny jeans. Since a lot of my favourite clothing is from H&M I decided to take a quick peek at their new arrivals section and found a plethora of amazing drappy, knitty, and badass clothing. Feel free to add in all the other adjectives fashion bloggers love to use to describe clothing to describe these items.

So maybe after I finished browsing the website I raced to West Edmonton Mall in search for the zippered grey jeans (#9). And maybe I bought the jersey top (#4) in both white and grey. And maybe I'm dying inside because I couldn't find half of the items I picked in store. And maybe I was very disappointed in the look of the draped top (#2) in person. And maybe I rage bought comic books instead because the bad eyebrows shirt (#5) was nowhere to be found. And maybe I'm now googling for where other H&M stores are in the Edmonton area. And maybe I've used maybe far too many times in this paragraph.

Because I was disappointed with the bad quality of the draped top in person, and couldn't find the eyebrows shirt I'm thinking of doing a d.i.y. of them. It should be easy enough. I mean how hard could sewing a tank top be? I'm sure I have a pair of old jeans I could cut and dye like the Ankle Jeans (#8), since the real deal was far too short on my legs.

1. Asymmetric jumper
2. Draped top
3. Long vest top
4. Jersey top
5. Singlet with a print
6. Dress with a collar
7. Leggings High waist
8. Ankle Jeans Super skinny fit
9. Skinny Low Ankle Jeans
10. Coachella Sandals
11. Sunglasses
12. Platform sandals
This is not a sponsored post. I just really like H&M.

What is your favourite store to shop in?


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