April 13, 2015

Love Links

Mountain, Love Links, Actually Twelve
Well atleast I'm getting consistent at not posting on time. I didn't realise I hadn't posted anything over the last week until I looked at Google Calendar and saw that my last published post was last Monday. Whoops. I do have the next few days off work, so I'm going to work my ass off and schedule a whole bunch of posts

In Celebration of Old-School LiveJournal
✚ This was going around facebook the other week but if you haven't seen it yet, Martha Stewart Absolutely Kills It At Justin Bieber’s Roast
How to get off the blogging bandwagon
✚ I really want to trying this DIY Makeup Remover & Pads For Every Skin Type
✚ From My Beautiful Mess, Ways to self-promote without being (too) annoying.
✚ Hank Green wrote about The $1,000 CPM
✚ Because everyone needs a good DIY Distressed Denim tutorial.
Ten things you should know about H.P. Lovecraft
✚ I kind of need everything in Elemental Luxury
✚ Recently, as in yesterday, I discovered Faiiint. Faiiint is the blog of independent designer Stephanie Brown.
✚ From Buzzfeed, 21 People In The Comics Community Share Why They’re #NonCompliant

Photo by Unsplash, like always.

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