April 26, 2015

Love Links

✚ How to Hit Rock Bottom and Come Back a Business Owner
✚ From Gala Darling, 20 Things To Write About When You're Totally Stuck.
✚ If you ever need sad trombone!
✚ I'm sure I've linked to this Kate Leth tote before, but its too perfect. I  also really love this phone wallet case.
✚ 18 Times “The Simpsons” Got What It’s Like To Be A Woman
✚ Escher Girls is quickly becoming one of my favourite tumblrs.
✚ This is an interesting article on how Smiling Changes How You View the World.
✚ Felicia Day wrote a book! And you can pre-order it already!
Keeping Your Car Safe From Electronic Thieves is kind of neat, but at the same time I'm so glad I don't have keyless entry on my car.
✚ I really enjoyed reading The not so great side of blogging

Photo by Leigh Kendell for Unsplash

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