April 27, 2015

What I Wore : Throwback to the Alberta Legislature Building

Early last summer Braydon & I when for a walk around the Alberta Legislature Building in downtown Edmonton. We spend a surprisingly ton of time in the downtown area during the summer months. Be it checking out whatever going on at city hall or grabbing lattes at our favourite coffee shop. Over the years I've shared a fair few of pictures from these walks.
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These pictures were taken just before Canada Day using my SuperHeadz Wide and Slim Camera. This camera is easily one of my favourite cameras. It's nice and small making it easy to throw into any bag. The only downside to this camera is it doesn't have flash, making it hard to use in dim conditions. It also can be difficult to use in direct sunlight, which is why these pictures are both overexposed and underexposed. By the weird lighting in these pictures really has nothing to do with the camera, and more to do with Braydon taking the pictures. I truly appreciate his efforts, but he really doesn't know how to use the sun to his advantage when it comes to photos.
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What I Wore:
✚ Sunglasses - Target
✚ Blue Vest - Target
✚ Time Turner Necklace - Calgary Expo
✚ Guns, Roses and Skulls dress - H&M
✚ Triple Wrap leather Pandora charm bracelet

What Braydon Wore:
✚ Knockoff aviators
✚ Volcom T-shirt
✚ Volcom Black Shorts
✚ Osiris Shoes
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