May 5, 2015

12 Things To Do This Summer

I always make a list of things I want to do every summer. You can see last years list here. This years list is a lot more task oriented than goal oriented. I really hope to do as many things as possible. Apparently I want to spend a lot of time along Whyte Avenue this summer as five out of twelve things list are along or around the area.

Go on a Hot Air Balloon ride.
I've been wanting to do this for years but, the only company that I'm aware of in the area is very expensive and has terrible reviews. So, this probably won't be happening this summer. But if opportunity arises I will take it.

Visit Calgary Zoo.
Every summer I try to go to the Valley Zoo here in Edmonton. This year I'd love to spend a weekend and drive down to Calgary Zoo. The last time I visited this zoo was well over six years ago and I'm curious to see how much has changed since then. I do know that parts of the zoo have been renovated, and serious damage was caused by the flood. So I can guarantee it has changed from the last time I went.

Have dinner at DaDeO.
Dadeo is a delicious diner on Whyte Ave that easily wins as the best authentic Cajun cooking in Edmonton. I will admit the only thing I've ever eaten here is the po'boys. But based on sandwiches alone, this place it well worth the time to go too.

Go to Remedy more often.
Braydon and I have spent many afternoons stopped at Remedy Cafe and exploring downtown Edmonton. Remedy boasts having the best chai's in Edmonton, and I have to agree with them. And I don't even like Chai Lattes.

✚ Visit Duchess Bake Shop.
I've heard so many great things about Duchess Bake Shop in the few years it been open but I have yet to go it. Since Braydon and I are always exploring downtown edmonton, it wouldn't be that hard to walk a few block out of our way to visit this bakery.

Catch a Movie at Princess Theatre.
In the heart of whyte ave lies the Princess, Edmonton's oldest surviving theatre. The buildings' marbled-faced facade and marquee stick out like a sore thumb making it hard to miss. I've been dying to see a movie here for quite a while. Maybe I'll finally get the chance to see one this summer.

Old Strathcona Farmers Market.
The indoor market is open all year around every Saturday between 8am-3pm. Every year I always say I'll go check out this farmers market, and without fail I always forget.

Edmonton Ghost Tours.
From stories of apparitions in the Princess theatre to a gruesome murder in the Strathcona Hotel. Edmonton ghost tours concentrates on stories of hauntings, ghosts and ghastly crimes in the Old Strathcona area.

Hangout with the Dinosaurs in Drumheller.
Drumheller is crazy cool. So roadside attractions aside, the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology is worth the trip alone. Have I mentioned how much I love museums?

Go Sky Diving.
Maybe it's my obsession with superheroes or Harry Potter, but for whatever reason jumping out of a plane seems like a good idea. And as scary as it is to go hurtling towards earth I suspect I'd feel pretty dang badass and invincible afterwards.

Take myself out of dinner and a movie.
Last summer I grabbed a pizza and a movie and it was probably the most relaxing thing I did all summer. Sure I did pick up my favourite pizza from Famoso, and then saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 for the fourth time. Whatever, it was fun. And I want to do things like that more often.

Learn how to Swim.
When I was a kid I did swimming lessons up to level 4. So you'd think I'd know how to swim. But I had a bad experience with a swimming instructor, lost all interest and completely forgot everything I had learned. I'd like to re-learn, but I have a hatred of water from almost drowning when I was in Hawaii a few years ago.

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