May 2, 2015

Five things

It's Liams' sixth birthday today!
It's hard to believe this jerk has been in my life for just under six years. This dog makes life better. I can't imagine not being greeted by him every time I come home. Best dog ever. Don't forget, you can follow him on instagram. ;>

It's Free Comic Book Day!
The first saturday of may all the comic shops give away free comic books. And it's amazing, it's like geek christmas.

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month.
My best friend and her boyfriend has joined forces to do the MS Bike Tour this year from Leduc to Camrose and are looking for donations. I've had a lot of friends get diagnosed with MS so this is a cause that's important to me to raise money for.

Disney TsumTsum 
TsumTsums are little stackable plush characters. I recently caved and started collecting the characters, and downloading the game of the same name.  The game is pretty basic. Create a chain of characters and clear as many as you can in under 60 seconds.

I've hardly watched anything since the show popped up on Netflix. I've even gone as far as to buy a Daredevil T-shirt, and a bunch of trades of the comic. Daredevil is currently filling the gap in my life until the new season on Dragons becomes available on Netflix next month.

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