May 31, 2015

Five Things

New Music. I barely ever listen to newer music. I'm very nostalgic in that way. But this week I found two new bands to listen too. First is Matthew and the Atlas and second is Gleadhraich. I discovered Matthew and the Atlas thanks to an actor I'm crushing on being in the Pale Sun Rose music video. The song is super catchy, and instantly got stuck in my head. And I came across Gleadhraich in The Scots Magazine while at my Grandmas'. I would describe their music had ska-punk, but their website described them as traditional celtic meets rock.

High waisted Jeans. Way back in November I bought two pairs of high waisted jeans by mistake. Instead of returning them I just shoved them in the bottom of my laundry basket until this week. I feel awkward in them because I'm used to low waisted jeans, but I do enjoy how they look with a tank top tucked in. And I don't have to pull up my jeans constantly so, win?

I have a new job! I start tomorrow, and I'm so anxious about it.

Netflix. If you follow me on twitter then you'll aware that I'm rewatching the second season of Hannibal in preparation for next month. I may have freaked out over the events of the season. And discovered that I hadn't finished watching the season the first time around like I had thought. Besides Hannibal I started watching Downton Abbey, and Episodes.

Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe. Last weekend I downloaded the game on steam and have played it every day this week. I'm mildly obsessed. I had the game when I was a youngster, so replaying it now is very nostalgic. I'm determined to complete all the scenarios, something I couldn't do when I was a kid.

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