May 10, 2015

Love Links!

Hey Dudettes and Dudes! Here is the latest installment of Love Links. This weeks is a bit on the short side. But hopefully varies enough to still be interesting. I've been using all my time to drawing, outside, or playing Tsum Tsum, meaning my internet cruising fell way side. Which isn't exactly a bad thing. Well, maybe playing games is a bad thing, but the rest? Nope. Not bad at all.

✚ Tom Felton is selling "Mind if I Slither In?" shirts for a limited time again.
✚ From Buzzfeed, 11 Easy-To-Find Ingredients Every Aspiring Witch Needs and A 14 Years Old Girl Got Suspended For This...
✚ Kris wrote a brilliant piece on Active Living vs. Purposeful Exercise.
✚ From The Nectar Collective, How to Create Colorful Backgrounds for Blog Photography and 15 Tips for Being More Positive.
BarkBox is a subscription box I wouldn't mind getting & I'm sure my puppy would agree.
✚ This Old-Fashion Sour Cream Crumb Cake looks amazing.
Gwen Stacy Will Cosplays as Marvel Hero in June & I want all of them. Spider-Gwen is a relatively new comic series, and I highly recommend picking it up.
✚ I need this Captain Marvel Sweater in my life.

Photo by David Marcu for Unspalsh


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