May 7, 2015

What I Wore : Not My Boyfriends' Jeans.

Every fashion blogger seems to be writing about Boyfriend Jeans. But their boyfriend jeans don't look like my boyfriends' jeans. And why would I want to wear my Boyfriends' jeans when I have my own jeans. I won't lie, fashion kind of confuses me. I've always been a strong believer in wearing what fits me great, and what looks great on my body. To me that's fashion.

So with all these boyfriend jean whatever posts in the blog-o-sphere right now I thought I'd share my jeans. Not my boyfriends. Although I'm still not sure if all these women are actually wearing their boyfriends' jeans, or if its just a style. And what about husband jeans or girlfriend jeans or non-sexual life partner jeans? But in all honesty I didn't read any of the blog post featuring these so called jeans because well... How many times can you be told how to wear jeans?

Anyways, my genes jeans. I picked up this pair up at H&M on sale for a sweet $15 a few weeks back. I did buy this pair a size bigger than I'd normally wear because I find with H&M a lot of their jeans and jeggings shink. With this pair I'm sure I could have boughten them in my proper size, but I do like how baggy and comfortable they are. Sure I do get a mad case of the droopy butt syndrome if I forget to wear a belt. But comfort trumps everything.

I did take these pictures last week. On the only day I didn't wear a comic book shirt. Which is a bit surprising to anyone who spent any time with me last week, as I wore the same shirt three days in a row. And then proceeded to text my friends to ask if it's really wearing the same shirt three days in a row if no one saw it. There was a mixed response, but a majority said yes it was okay.

What I Wore :
Bamboo Sunglasses - Simons
Boyfriend Fit Flannel - Urban Planet
Slytherin Quidditch & Weasley Is Our King buttons - Booth at Edmonton Expo
Racerback Cami - Simons
Jeans - H&M Similar 
Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet, Oxidized Silver Bracelet and charms - Pandora
Chuck Taylor Classic - Converse
Wireless Camera Remote - Gift

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