May 22, 2015

What I Wore : Wild Thing

Between working, job hunting and binge watching Downton Abbey I found time twice this week to take pictures of my outfits. The wind has been wreaking havoc on central Alberta for the last couple of weeks with no end in sight. I don't mind the wind, but don't usually take pictures on windy days. But for once I put up with the wind.

As some of you know I live on a quarter section of land that was once a tree farm. I'm not normally in the part of the property were these pictures were taken because it's over grown. But I was on my way to the largest of three ponds to see a family of geese I've been dying to photograph. The chicks are currently molting their baby feathers and look very cute and fluffy. I wasn't able to get any pictures of the geese due to my neighbors dogs chasing them off before I was able to get close enough.

I often feel guilty about some of the outfits I post since I almost never wearing pants other than black jeggings. But they're so versatile and always looks good. Even when covered in plaster dust and dirt. It might also be why these pictures were shot from the waist up. That and I own three pairs of the exact same pants. It's not like anyone really needs to see theme as they're the same pants I've worn in almost every outfit post.

I had a lot of fun taking these pictures. Because the wind was gusting pretty hard on the day I took them I had suspected every picture to be unusable. But I love how messy and crazy my hair looks. Because the weeds and quackgrass hasn't turned green yet around this particular pond these pictures do look a bit dull. I will admit I got frustrated with trying to fix the white balance on these pictures and that is why two of them have a pink filter thrown on them.

What I Wore:
Wild Thing Tank - Lords of Liverpool
Plaid Flannel - Melissa
Jeggings - American Eagle
2 Tone Era Shoes - Vans (not pictured also, no longer available)


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